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Woks and Stir Fry

A wok is a wide bowl shaped cooking vessel with handles used commonly in Chinese and Asian cooking. The types of foods generally cooked in woks are stir frying, stewing, boiling, braising and steaming. Joyce Chen carries a large assortment of high quality woks and stir frys that suits the needs of the Asian cooking enthusiast.

Cutting Tools

Every Asian cook must have essential cutting tools that make Asian food preparation seamless. Our collection of Asian kitchen knives and the Unlimited Scissor can assist you in making sushi, preparing meats and poultry, slicing vegetables, and cutting through shellfish.


The tradition of drinking tea is a part of most Asian cultures that date back centuries. We offer authentic tetsubins made in Japan and a variety of ways to brew and serve the perfect cup of tea with our selection of tea pots and kettles.

Food Prep and Tools

Our selection of authentic Asian food prep and tools help make any Asian dish into a master piece. We offer a selection of Burnished Bamboo tools and cutting boards, sushi making essentials, chopsticks, and much more.


Steaming is one of the most healthiest ways to cook food. It retains more nutrients, requires little or no oil, and keeps it’s natural flavors. Dim Sum dumplings, an Asian dish, is made by steaming.

Cutting Boards

Joyce Chen cutting boards are cultivated from bamboo as the Chinese have done for thousands of years as well as to keep up with modern times, we also have a range of plastic boards that are lightweight and are easy to clean.